Saturday, December 8, 2007


Ok, here's the current stat's for the little one: She's gained weight! She is currently 6 lbs. 5 oz. Her cheeks are slowly beginning to rest on her chest, and her belly is filling out quite nicely!
We think that she is starting to slowly figure out smiling. We can't totally tell just yet whether she's just making faces or if she is actually responding to us. Seems like a little of both sometimes.
She's been sleeping fairly well through the nights and is rarely fussy for the sake of being fussy. Usually when she is fussy it's because of a disturbance in here southerly regions... you know what I mean:) But when all is well, she just loves to stare at the picture of a rabbit in her "Baby Einstien". I wasn't sure if she was just zoning out or actually looking at the picture, so I moved the picture and she followed it! She was pretty intense about studying it-- I left her there for a couple minutes, came back and there she was, just enjoying the picture of the bunny. Kinda wish I could crawl in her mind to hear what her thoughts are at times like that. Anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm looking at our Kristin all over again! Baby Iris is sweet and beautiful, we can hardly wait to feast on her cheeks!

Shannon said...

Our daughter, Halle loved staring at the bunny too in her Baby Einstein- I don't know why- but at that age, they can barely focus,so who knows!

Yvette said...

Today's the 20th! Happy 1 month Iris Grace!