Saturday, January 5, 2008

Almost 7 weeks

She's always SOOOO happy in the morning!

Oooh Iris, what a comedian. I swear she does it to make us laugh.

She loves her car seat... most of the time. Ok, well, some of the time.... OK, pretty much not at all. At least at first...

She's a big time flailer! I've been clocked a few times when I was going in for a kiss. She was playing in her baby Einstien today and I think she hit one of the hanging toys on accident because she smiled and let out a big baby laugh. No joke! Cutest thing ever--

She's getting pretty long too! Soon she'll be occupying the Queen size in her room, but I think she's eyeing our King size.

And there she is, in the King size trying it on for size!

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Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Ok, Ok, I might just have to get on the plane to come and meet Iris!! She is soooo cute. Carl and I just love her precious little eyes :) Miss you guys!!